Find the right connect, automatically and in real-time.

Connect instantly with relevant people

Ask a question or start a discussion and connect immediatly with people who are relevant to you.

Find places with live Jazz music in town?

Want to talk about the cricket match with like-minded fans?

Looking for a food recipe or a cook?

All you need is right connect.

Real-time conversation

What if people collaborate in real-time and solve real world problems?

Imagine people help each other so no one will feel helpless.

Imagine if people discuss, give insight about something in real-time.

Would't you love to start a conversation with people who would love to connect with you?

Create your personal network

By asking questions, seeking opinions or carrying a discussion you not only get the problem solved but you also become aware of a lot many things. You became a part of immensly huge network where people give and take, seek and cater and do much more. Imagine if we collaboratively do that, no problem will be unsolved, no question will go unanswered.

How it works?

Ask a question

Start by asking a question or initiating a discussion


Review tags

Add or remove tags to target precise audience


Start conversation

Once connected, have a real-time conversation

Student ambassador programme

Be the part of our journey & pick up invaluable skills for your future. Your responsibility will be to acquire maximum users and thereby scale Upheo by creating innovative marketing campaigns

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What we are looking for?

Marketing Ideas

Help us figure out creative ideas to market our product among the student community.

Community Building

Help build the community and spread Upheo's mission statement.

Create Awareness

Create initiatives to spread awareness about Upheo.

Reach out to Students

Use your unique position as a student to reach out to your peers.

Be the part of community and help solve real world problems